Core Curriculum

Daily Arts, Crafts, Music, and Creative Movement


At Little Peoples Place we begin to introduce our students to basic words of the Spanish language. We think it is important to offer this experience since Spanish has become the second language of the United States. This program has seen great success as some of our past students have continued to pursue their interest in speaking Spanish.

Sign Language

We introduce the students to basic sign language for the alphabet, colors, family members and common gestures. This works extremely well for any student that is experiencing speech delays or difficulties.

Social Consciousness

Little People’s Place is pioneering a Social Consciousness Curriculum at an early age so that our children will internalize an awareness, understanding, appreciation, and genuine respect for people of all colors, nationalities, ethnicities, faiths, and abilities. We honor and celebrate the one true race that Mark Twain entitled, “Humanity”. Our Social Consciousness Curriculum involves hands-on interaction with the United States Armed Forces, local nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals, The American Red Cross, and Christian Children’s Fund.

Phonemic Awareness

Counseling Curriculum

Our counseling curriculum introduces various character traits to the children that they will continue to build on in elementary school. We also recognize different gender and race appreciation months.