Thank you for such a loving and moving program. McDaniel College no less has now seen such a wonderful caring staff and graduates. I was invited to be a stand-in for a great grandma who passed 2 years ago on May 26. My adoptive great grandson, Daniel, has a very loving staff that showed him how and why he should respect his country, fellow classmates, and teachers. Wow, the entire assembly saying the Pledge of Allegiance, a Prayer, and later "not scheduled" the singing of The Star Spangled Banner with parent or grandparents who are or had served in the Military standing behind the special graduate; some classmates even had their hands over their hearts, a tear filled Kodak moment, for sure. Where were the news people? I have never been to such a display in my 68 years, except many years ago when I attended school and all this was taken for granted. So "Thank You" as there are no other words in the English language to express my true feelings. P.S. The owner showed her heart, as did the staff, when they as assisted one young lady through this program, even walking her to receive her certificate. God Bless You.
Kindergarten Enrichment Graduation
"Mary Burke: It is with much gratitude that I write this letter. I can not tell you how many times over the past eight years that I have thanked God for you and Little People’s Place. I won’t even talk about the bad experiences that we had prior to finding you. It has been a pleasure knowing you and most especially, knowing that not only was Hannah well taken care of, but, she was very content at LPP. There were times when I was off from work and expected Hannah to be looking forward to staying home with mom, but often she was disappointed because some special event was happening at LPP. Simply saying “thanks,” does not seem sufficient. I am so pleased with the vital role you and your staff played in helping Hannah to be the person she has become. She now says she wants to be a sign language interpreter, and she does quite well with this, and I feel mostly due to the introduction of sign language that she received at LPP. All of your staff have been knowledgeable and always seemed to enjoy their work. How does everyone always look so happy? Mary, you are doing something right, not just with the children, but with your staff. Your fees have always been fair and I especially appreciate the fact that you understand parent’s busy schedules. Thank you a thousand times over. Our children are one of life’s most valued treasures, and you not only understand that, but you cherish, protect, and nourish our children, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Please feel free to share this letter with any one you choose. I will also gladly speak with any parent that has concerns or wishes validation regarding your character or the reputation of your establishment. Please keep looking after the children, and providing the great service to Carroll County that you have provided to us. May God Bless, Sincerely, Joie DeBold Hannah Calligan’s mom August 11, 2006"
Joie DeBold
"Well today Grandmom came to LPP to register our last grandchild. When I was greeted so warmly by Ms. Stephanie I was excited to tell Dan & Katie that our little guy was registered for his school adventure. Kayla still talks about coming to school there. I look forward to the time we will all share with our Kody at LPP."
Dan & Darlene Long
"Dear Mary, I am Abigail Rubin’s father and my wife, Maddy, and I were visiting the school today for the ice cream social. If you remember, you allowed Abbie, myself, Maddy, and our son Jake to visit her classroom inside and you spoke to us about the history of Little People’s Place, staffing, and future hopes to obtain ownership of your building from your current landlord, etc. I am writing this letter as a follow-up to the sentiment that we offered earlier today when Maddy stated that it takes a lot to impress her (having been a teacher as well-and the best mother on earth in my opinion) and how much she loves you and the school. We discussed the remarkable spirit in the building, the sounds, learning, and laughter in the walls, but we didn’t quite convey that we feel it’s because of the spirit in you, your passion for early childhood education, and your remarkable vision and business savvy. What an amazing story to go from having to sell your car to cover the first round of payroll and expenses to now having over 400 students and several generations of Little People’s Place children/students. I didn’t have a chance to tell you personally that I am a individual, family, and marital counselor in Sykesville and I would consider myself a great judge of character, but also of positive energy in people, places, and things. I am also highly impressed with you and what your school has to offer. Thank you so kindly for speaking with us this morning and for providing such an enriching environment for children to grow and learn in this community. In my professional opinion as a therapist and as a parent, such things are the key ingredients to building strong foundations for a child’s self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, family values, and a collective sense of spirituality and interpersonal relationships. I was also touched by your act of kindness and caring, being present and supportive to the family whose former home we currently own during their time of stress with divorce and subsequent transitions. You are absolutely correct that Little People’s Place was the consistent, stable, and safe place for those children during a most critical time. Please feel free to pass along my information to any family who you may think could benefit from some warm, empathetic, and compassionate support during times of need. Thank you so kindly, Greg Rubin August 28, 2007"
Greg Rubin
"We trust Little People's Place and only Little People's Place with the care of our son. Nicolas has loved it there since he was two and now at nine years old he is super excited for summer camp...We love you Little People's Place."
The Kinnear family
"The staff are unbelievable. Our little man takes time to warm up to new people and it took less than a week to go running to his teachers. We are so grateful for the amazing staff and ownership. It's a "true" family environment and I know our son is in great hands. He has developed so quickly and his social skill have grown at an exponential rate."
The Wilcox Family
"Today there was a serious tornado warning and I was a little concerned about my little ones. When I arrived at school, the "emergency" plans had been enacted and everyone was in a safe location reading, singing and coloring having an all around good time. All of the staff did a fantastic job in handling this scary afternoon!!!! It is times like this when I am thankful I chose such a great program for my children."
The Glennon’s
"Dear Miss Mary and Staff of Little People's Place While she is very excited to be starting kindergarten, Cheyenne will truly miss coming to Little Peoples! I am confident though she has been given the key to learning through Little People's especially from Miss Katie. She had a rocky start but as she grew and learned she has blossomed into a wonderful little girl. We could not have brought her this far without you! I especially want to thank you for instilling in her a faith in God and love of Jesus I just wouldnt have known how to do. We will think of you all often and remember you always! Gabrielle, Michael and Cheyenne Schoeffield"
The Schoeffields
"Dear Sweet Mrs. Mary, What am I going to do? I don’t have any more children to send to Little People’s Place. ( NO- I will NOT be having more!) Although we were only with you for 3 years- first Madison in the 3 year old program, then Hadley in the 3 year old program and Kindergarten Enrichment, it was filled with a life time of learning. Every time we see you, you have a smile on your beautiful face. Your love for our children certainly shines like a deacon in the night. Our Heavenly Father sure put you in the perfect place to serve Him! So I don’t have some engraved do-dad to sit on your shelf or a gift certificate even to give you as an end of year gift. I do, however, give you my most heart felt thanks for a year that had been awesome! Karen and the rest of the staff has prepared Hadley for Kindergarten and beyond! I do give you my prayers for a future of loving and teaching many more children. You have been so great to have in our lives. When my baby had to start wearing an eye patch- you didn’t just pat me on the back with an ‘it’s ok’- you didn’t tell her to get used to it- Do you remember what you did do? You asked me for a patch and you wore one ALL day, showing her it was OK! And showing the other kids it was all good. When I was laid off last year (a blessing really) you didn’t say ‘well tuition is still due.’ Do you remember what you did say? You said ‘don’t worry, we will work it out if you need to.’ Thank you Mary for having a place like Little People’s. We will surely miss everything it has provided. If only they could keep the innocence they will surely loose when they are in public school! We have enjoyed being a part of the Little People’s Place family. I will remember our time with you sweetly. We sent you our baby girl and you returned to us a smart, well prepared young lady ready to conquer whatever comes her way. We will miss you, more than you know! May God bless you and the staff as much as you have blessed us! Much Love"
Matt and Beth Abbott
"Dear Mary, It has been a quick 7 years, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful we, as parents, are to have had our children attend your school. The quality of teachers, the supervision, the instruction, and attention to detail is superb. We appreciate the flexibility you allowed us in getting Gavin to school and the additional days and hours he could attend when it was needed by our household. You have SO much to be proud of. We recommend to everyone we know that their children attend your school and we will continue to do so. We know that a part of the reason that our children are so successful in school both academically and socially is due to their foundation from Little People’s. You all are amazing. If you need anything from us, do not hesitate to call and we will definitely help. Have a great summer."
The DeWees Family
"Little People's has been a blessing for our children. All 3 attended with our youngest graduating recently. The school has veteran teachers, a safe environment, a consciencious & attentive director, and promotes healthy social & academic behaviors for all children. We will miss the school & its staff so much."
Jim and Heather DeWees
"Dear Mary, As I have been looking at your website and seeing familiar names from when our son Dan came to LPP, it warms my heart. Now that we are grandparents to his dear little daughter Kayla, no other place would ever be considered for her but with you and your caring staff. Over the years as I have ran into you or members of your staff I have always been asked about Dan and his well-being. Now that his daughter Kayla is almost 2 and needs to become more social and makes friends, what better place that with you. Time goes by so fast in life, but it is wonderful to have such fond memories of the caring and love that Dan received when he was a little guy. LPP has a special place in the heart's of the Long family."
Darlene and Dan Long
"Ms. Mary, Sid and I are eternally grateful for the love and educational foundation that you and your entire staff have given to Noah and Ben over the past six years. Both our boys have the fondest memories of their teachers and friends. We wish you good health and prosperity to continue touching the lives of precious children. Love, Sid, Shellie, Noah, and Ben Gold"
Shellie Gold
"Dear Ms. Mary, Thank you for a wonderful school year! We are so thrilled with LPP! The teachers and staff are excellent. Reilly has learned so much this year. We are looking forward to returning in the fall. Have a wonderful summer!"
Amy Hawkins
"Dear Mary, I don't know if any staff are still at Little People's Place that remember Nolan. It has been a long time! You had such a big part in shaing Nolan's life. You gave him a great head start in school and helped him to build good social skills. I always knew he was well cared for and happy with you. Nolan was at Little People's from 1992 through about 1999. Nolan will be attending York College of PA in the Fall and will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I wanted you to know of his success and to thank you for your part in growing this wonderful young man. Sincerely, Theresa M. Keim P.S. Nolan has been thinking of his years at LPP as he reconnected recently with old friends."
Theresa M. Keim