Daily Schedule:

9:00 am     Group Time
9:15     Art (to compliment and reinforce group time theme)
9:30     Kindergarten Enrichment Phonological Awareness
9:35     Learning Centers (dramatic play, natural materials and science, computer)
10:00     Music/Sign Language
10:10     Music/Spanish
10:20     Health and Safety (movement and hand washing)
10:30     Snack (science/nutrition)
10:45     Outdoor Play and/or Physical Education (fluctuates depending on weather)
11:45     Literature and Language Arts/Dramatics
12:00 pm     Lunch
12:30     Free Play Indoors (unwind time)
12:45     Literature and Music
1:00     Rest and Listening skills
3:00     Parent Pick up

Program Information



Academic Curriculum: (included for all programs)


Social Studies and Social Consciousness

Language Arts and Phonological Awareness

Art, Music, and Dramatics



Sign Language

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