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Philosophy of Learning

Little People’s Place Child Development Center is dedicated to the preschooler’s critical period of development from the ages of two to five and supplemental care of children in kindergarten through school age. Our early childhood philosophy places the child’s development of high morals and values and the acquisition of a healthy self-concept as our top priorities. Feelings of being loved, self-worth, and success contribute to a positive self-concept that will consequently foster important values—empathy for others, sharing, caring, coping skills, independence, and co-operative play.

Our staff’s own personal commitment to our Christian faith is reflected in our every day curriculum, discipline, and attitudes. We aim to provide a loving, friendly, and sensory-oriented environment that integrates the truths that all people are created equally, all are important, and all are alike yet different. Through our unique, individualized, creative curriculum, relevance of materials, and success-oriented activities, the child’s self concept blossoms.

We believe children learn best through play, creative expression, and songs; participating in first-hand experiences while having fun, and when given the opportunity to make their own choices. Our curriculum, which has been approved by the State of Maryland, has placed us in the status of a private preschool of which we are very proud. Heterogeneous grouping, self-selected progressively planned activity centers, qualitative analysis based on teacher’s observations, and constant flexibility are all methods universally implemented in our classrooms to complement our intellectually challenging philosophy of education.

Our essential goals are creativity, experimentation, coping skills, critical thinking, and problem solving. The daily curriculum is specifically designed to reflect the community, individual children’s interests and talents, and each student’s individual ethnic, cultural, and religious affiliations, in a concentrated effort to instill good values, attitudes, and morals in our future citizens.

Our curriculum satisfies the guidelines set by the State of Maryland incorporating language arts, science, math, social studies, art, music, dramatics, fine and gross motor development, and many enrichment programs: including phonemic awareness, sign language and Spanish. We have textbooks for all curriculum areas in each classroom.

Our multi-media approach accommodates individual needs, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. We introduce our children to reading through the holistic approach employing eclectic methods to introduce them to the wonderful world of literature. We are a pilot school for “Ready at 5”, a statewide program designed to prepare our children for school.

Discipline is based on reasoning and mutual respect; it is always consistent and fair. The teacher does not direct, but guides the children to encourage them to successfully discipline themselves.

The Little People’s Place philosophy is committed to the development of the whole child; socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Finally, we strive to meet the needs and expectations of our parents. We keep an open line of communication between families and staff to create a happy, healthy environment in which your precious little persons can live and learn each day.

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