Letter from the Owner

Announcement Date: September 29, 2014

Dear Families,

I want to tell you an important story. As we earnestly pursue our accreditation from the State of Maryland, we are constantly encouraged to guarantee parents (some for two generations) that Little People’s Place will still follow our requested private school curriculum.

My simple answer is absolutely unequivocally is YES.

Our curriculum is based on the scientific research of Janet DiPietro from John’s Hopkins and joint studies done a Harvard University. These research scientists studied the MRI’s of two year olds and discovered that different disciplines such as art, music, movement, analysis, experimentation, etc. are always attributed to either the left or right side of the brain. Based on these findings, I wrote a curriculum that purposely uses art, music, movement and the 5 senses (right brain functions) to teach reading, writing, and mathematics (basically left brain functions). In doing so, both sides of the brain are developed and the children’s learning is optimal.

The good news is our age old curriculum which is tried and true for almost 30 years now totally compliments the governments mandated curriculum, The InvestiGator Club! Feel free to check out this curriculum at www.investigatorclub.com.

So be assured, we will continue to teach the curriculum for which Little People’s Place is so famous as we add our newest curriculum lessons, our smart boards, our science experiments, etc., etc., etc.

And never fear we will always and forever remember the most important element of our daily schedule is to constantly love and cherish your little ones and protect them from any harm.

In Care of Children,

Mary Burke

Owner & Story Teller